In Lalela’s programs in South Africa, the South Bronx and Northern Uganda, we provide innovative arts education in safe spaces for at-risk youth. We start early in developing the art of imagination, with students as young as six, and continue to connect the arts to everything important in a child’s life through their high school graduation.

We provide education through the arts to children grades one through twelve in a safe space during the vulnerable after school hours and holiday periods. Lalela uses the power of the arts to help students navigate a clear path that is often cluttered with the hazards of extreme poverty, including gang violence, HIV/AIDS, and physical and substance.

By building our curriculum at the intersection of arts education, academic achievement and critical life skills, Lalela’s workshops activate whole brain thinking, developing the creative potential of at-risk youth - empowering them to become innovative role models with meaningful careers. Our role in arts education is not to churn out artists, it is to help blaze the trail in whole brain thinking with a proven path to innovation and new job creation.

"I want to be a job maker, not a job taker."

- Melikhaya
Lalela Student Grade 10