Lalela High School Graduate

" I started to understand that dreaming of a different life wasn't a bad thing, it was the beginning of a plan."

Namhla Sizani
Lalela High School Student

In the Art of Spoken Word curriculum, our artists wrote and performed original poems. Their words are powerful, and we applaud their bravery in sharing them with us.

"The cries of your wife sound so bitter and terrified. And yet, you stand there and call yourself a man."

Siyamthanda Mantashe
Lalela High School Student

Another powerful performance from the Art of Spoken Word curriculum:

"I am afraid to roam my neighbourhood, because violence is polluting my childhood."

Aphendule Sixishe
Lalela High School Graduate

Aphendule received 5 distinctions on his matriculation results and was the top matriculant from his high school. The 3 top matriculants in Aphendule's class were all Lalela students. 

"So with Lalela Project, they give you the space that you need to open up, spread your wings, and fly." - Aphendule

Gladstone Matshaya
Lalela High School Graduate

Gladstone's high school Hout Bay High only had a 62% graduation rate. Yet Gladstone, a Lalela student, received a university pass and is now studying criminal law.

"My plan forward is to go to university and study law, become an advocate..."