Art of Emoticons


Lalela taught us the Art of Emoticons. Emoticons are emotional facial expressions that show moods, and I was very excited to learn about them. With this curriculum we discussed texting and how we use emoticons to create our own language in this technological space. We really had to think out the box and come up with original ideas for our own unique and personal emoticons. Our emoticons were also used on the wall during the Hout Bay High exhibition that our parents came to. A lot of parents were there and I was happy to see my parents talk about my artwork. For the first time I felt special, like I have a chance in life. It was a very special moment.

in respect of the 67 years that Madiba spent in public service. We all painted a letter, word or phrase on different colour canvases that represent our Rainbow Nation. When put together, one of the quote that the high school students designed, said: β€œThe greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”